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RGB LED Matrix - True Color

This is a side project for our Universal Matrix Controller Boards. To test these boards we build a 32x16 LED matrix with four controllers. The pitch of the LEDs is 3 cm and we used standard 5 mm diffuse RGB LEDs with common anode. Well, as you can see in the video below they perfectly do their job. But not only the boards are new also the diffusion with plexi glass (true led) is something we tried the first time. We adjusted the distance (LED - Plexi) such that you cannot distinguish an individual pixel if a plain color is displayed. Unfortunately, the quality of the video is not really great. The camera (we tried several) had a really hard job to do. In reality the matrix look quite impressive - once again: Eyecandy!


Update: We recently changed the frame of the matrix and gave it a mosaic-like appearance. See text, pics and clip in the bottom.


Video Clip and Images


PC Software

But that not all folks. We wrote some software to communicate with the controller boards from a computer. See one of our software projects - Glediator.


Update (2012-08-29) - make it mosaic

In a qick&dirty weekend project we just gave our true color matrix a new "face". We put a new wooden frame around the matrix and in between the LEDs and the plexi glass window we put some checker-board-like mosaic structure. It is just a small adjustment but a great effect! But see the following pics and the youtube clip and judge yourself.




+1 # luis augusto 2015-03-08 07:39
you sell the projects? send to Brazil?
you send the form to make your projects, printed circuit board, assembly?
send by email the project?
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0 # Magnus 2015-07-18 01:20
They live in Germany(Europe) , so that would be extremely expensive
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0 # luis 2016-02-02 16:07
Money is never a problem
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0 # Joshua 2014-07-26 00:08

was für LEDs benutzt ihr und woher bezieht ihr die?
Reichelt ist mir leider etwas zu teuer ;)

LG, Joshua
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0 # Eddy 2013-07-05 00:45
Welche LEDs habt ihr denn dafür genommen? bin nämlich zurzeit an der Überlegung...
SMDs Diffuse oder Klare (allerdings erzeugen die ja nur einen punkt auf dem plexiglas)

Danke für die Antwort
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0 # Lenny 2013-03-25 18:55
Fantastic project.
I was just wondering can I use standard RGB strip with this setup? (
Just cut the anode power every led and solder a wire on to it.
It is rated at 12V.
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0 # Magnus 2015-07-18 01:18
Yes, it would work, but it would be very messy, with three wires to each single led. If I were you, I'd buy an addressable led strip on ebay or so. With a controller it can power each individual led. Read about it :) I know that it's a two years late answer, but if you read this, it's worth it, I believe :)
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0 # Venelin 2013-01-28 23:13
I try to download Glediator software glediator_v1.1., but say that arhive is damaged.
Any help? Thanks. :-)
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0 # René 2013-01-29 14:13
For me it's working fine on different PCs. So I guess ther must be a problem with your PC / Firewall !?

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0 # Helge 2013-01-23 16:04
was für eine Plexiglasplatte habt ihr genommen? und welchen Abstand habt ihr gewählt?

Grüße Helge
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0 # René 2013-01-29 14:14
Satine Ice,

ca. 5-6 cm Abstand bei 30mm Pitch.
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0 # Victor 2012-11-15 15:41

Great looking project.

Was wondering why you used an obsolete part(IRF7314QPB F) for this project?

Unable to find it except on ebay via China.

Can one use discreet MOSFET's or some equivilent?

Thank You

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0 # Victor 2012-11-16 14:24
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0 # Peter 2012-09-12 19:24
Was für "Kunstoffplatte n" verwendet ihr um diese Kästchen zu bauen? Gibts das in jedem Baumarkt?

Ich experimentiere schon ne Weile mit Pappe und Holz, ist aber alles nicht das wahre...

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0 # René 2012-09-13 06:02
Na dann kommt hier der ultimative Geheimtipp! Auch wir mussten lange suchen und verschiedene Materialien prüfen. Und zum Schluss ging's super einfach und vor allem super billig damit: TRITTSCHALLDÄMM UNG !!!

Trittschalldämmung gibt es in jedem Baumarkt unglaublich günstig. Es gibt sie als Rollen und als PLATTEN. Und eben diese Platten (grün) sind 3 mm stark und lassen sich hervorragend mit Cutter-Messer und Schere bearbeiten!

Wir haben für eine Packung dieser Platten 18 EUR bezahlt und damit könnte man locker das Mosaik für 5-10 von unseren Matrizen (32x16) herstellen.

Ich hoffe das hilft!
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0 # Daniel 2012-09-08 17:41
Ihr und eure hammer Projekte. :eek:
Echt hammer :) Und danke, dass ihr das alles so "rausgibt" und auch GLEDIATOR frei anbietet :)

Bin gespannt was als nächtes kommt ;)
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0 # Bill 2012-08-15 03:42
Copper wire vs aluminum wire? Which one works better?

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0 # Matt 2012-08-20 16:59
Of course copper! You don't need to make the wires 70% less weighty (since the only pro the aluminium has is the weight)
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