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Frequently Asked Questions

To make live easier for all of us we'll try to answer some popular questions beforehand.


Are you selling your Projects?

Since we are just two guys with technical interest and regular jobs we do not have a business an can not sell you anything. However, our friend Steffen has a business and he is distributing selected parts of our projects to rather fair conditions. See his web shop and have look for SolderLab to find out which parts of our projects you can purchase.


Is your software Open Source?

The Arduino Firmware is already Open Source and not put under any special license. Use it at your own risk. We will be happy if you can inform us if you find some unexpected features.

All programs under Software Projects (e.g. Glediator) are not Open Source but free of use.


Can you teach me something?

Sorry, but no. We definitely don't have time for teaching you and won't give tutorials on how things are done. But if you have a specific question we'll try our best to give a good answer. A well formulated question deserves an answer.


Who are you?

As said on the title page, we are just two guys with technical interest. We are no professional electronic engineers nor programmers but we always give our best. We do it for fun, we like challenges and we like beer.